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The mind finds peace in nature but the body reaches it’s calm only when it is exerted! At Coffee Creek, the best Sakleshpur stay with activities we’ve got enough sports and games to keep you busy through the weekend. Whether your forte is water sports or land sports, we’ve got it all. When it comes to our property we’ve got some classic indoor games to enjoy with good company and all outdoor games for our sports lovers! Coffee Creek appreciates the amazing treks of Sakleshpur and thus have amazing packages for trekking in Sakleshpur! Trekking and Hiking are about surmounting life itself and await you at the adventure homestay in Sakleshpur. Enjoy the comforts of our rooms and stay while you can spend the whole day under the endless skies of Karnataka without the hustle and bustle of the city. Escape into your own oyster and make the world your playground with these splendid activities!

Campfire and music,Swimming in stream ,Outdoor games – Cricket, Shuttle cock, Volley Ball Indoor games –carrom,Mud Volley Ball,Trekking,5 High Rope Elements:Burma bridge,Deep bucket walk,Horizontal ladder,X walk,Earthquake

Zipping, Pick up & Drop, Starters, Anything not mentioned in inclusions


It’s all about moving forward and at coffee creek, trekking in Sakleshpur becomes the most important and exciting activity that you become a part of.


Take to the hills with trekking and adventurous with wild exploration. The bounties of nature are plentiful which is why at Coffee Creek you’ll never have a dull moment.


Zip across incredible and beautiful Views. Your Coffee Creek experience offers unmatched thrills and adventures.

Swimming In Stream

Have a different experience when it comes to swimming. Don’t restrict yourself to the waters of a homestay in Sakleshpur with swimming pool, instead explore the natural stream and the beautiful flow of it in the riverside homestay.

Campfire & Music

Have a Gala evening with bonfire in the centre and some amazing music to swing your head to and tap your feet to.


Scared of Heights? Then Challenge yourself by crossing the burma bridge

Moon Walk

Get ready to walk on bamboo, that can give you those adrenaline rushes.

Zipline & Rope

If you intend to get adventurous and experimental our zipline activity and rope activities will pump your adrenaline up and give you an experience of a lifetime. Zipping -100

Horizontal Ladder

Set your harness and gear up to zoom in the sky while suspended from our zip-line!

Burma Bridge

Climb the side of a steep slope with a harness and feel like a stunt performer.

Deep Bucket Walk

Find the smallest ridge and nooks to climb great heights of our rock climbing activities.

Outdoor Games

Vacations are all about being in the open and let yourself loose. Engage anar outdoor games and revisit your childhood again.


Missing out Childhood Games? Bring back your childhood memmories with our board games such as chess, ludo etc.

Shuttle Cock

Dont have a team size of 11 to play football? Then Play Shuttle Cock with a team of 2

Volley Ball

Let the competitor team loose against your team in this game of volleyball.

Mud Volley Ball

Get engaged with volleyball in the mud and you’ll never go back to the regular version!

Indoor Games

If you are tired after a long day, we still haven’t arrangements to engage you and your family or friends. Participate in our indoor games and see if you can win it. The best homestay in Sakleshpur with activities will have you on your toes or chilling the weekend away!


Missing out Childhood Games? Bring back your childhood memmories with our indoor game


Don’t have a team size of 11 to play football? Then Play Chess